The Breathing Pictures

Please be aware that you have to see a breathing picture in origin. This isn’t just a video file. It’s a physical entity that consists of

  • the artwork (3D construction / animation)
  • the display (high end display with carefully mastered luminosity, brightness, contrast and more)
  • the specially developed videolooper (to display the breathing picture endlessly)
  • the artful frame (Dutoit Frame Art)
  • the light sensor (option)

For a quote please ask your gallery, or

Stan Adards’ Artwork


All artwork comes with a framed high end display (55″ or bigger).
Each breathing picture comes with a customized frame from the studios of Dutoit Frame Arts (Switzerland),

Breathing Patterns



The Breathing Pictures are always unique. The digital artwork exists as an original just in three editions. Each edition is adapted to the customers preferred breath rhythm and picture size. Each Breathing Picture is digitally signed, encrypted and part of the art blockchain ( so that ownership is clear at all times.
Limited editions guaranteed with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Various Options

There are no limits to size, aspect ratio or resolution. The Breathing Pictures can be customized to any space and device.

Just get in contact with your details!