Some facts about my life

Born in 1954 in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), I am a Swiss national. After highschool I graduated from the University of Zurich holding a master degree in Education and Social Psychology. With my wife Christine I’m married since 1982 and we have three adult and wonderful sons.
I’m passionate about the interplay between man and machine since my very first computer – a Tandy Radio Shack that I bought together with my older brother in 1977.
As the owner and director of an international software company I was allowed to create and realize new ideas in the field of digital software and digital art since the early days of bits and bytes.

Living and working

We live in a small village in the Jura hills of Switzerland, it’s a paradise. There’s enough space for my art studio (that needs some servers), and a video and photo studio as well.

The connection between art and the fast developing digital environments today is the wide field where I’m allowed to do my joyful work every day.

About the breath

Breathing is life. Every single cell in our body needs oxygen to produce energy. Exhaling transports toxins and waste products out of our body.
There exists a strong connection between breathing and mental states. Among the natural possibilities to fight our fear, to control our thoughts, to come to more inner contemplation we find the conscious breathing to be the most important element.
The breathing pictures put a contrast to the hectic world of images around. The paintings radiate grace, beauty and tranquility. An invitation to relax, to breathe and to inner contemplation.

About the breathing pictures

I use the possibilities of digital construction (3DS Max) and animation to create my breathing pictures that should lead people to more relaxed and deeper breathing. These gently animated pictures – driven by an algorithm based on the human breathing pattern – lead us directly to physical and mental experience and place us in the ‘here and now’.
You have to stop for a second to see that these pictures are gently moving. And it takes a while to see that they are breathing. To discover the breath of each picture is a personal experience. The luminosity of the flowing color transitions and the gentle movements provide a fascinating visual experience that goes far beyond conventional images.

Individual Workshops / Presentations

It’s always a joy for me to speak to corporate teams about my experiences as entrepreneur with creative and mindful team spirits. And how this relates to my art.

You would like to experience how the breathing pictures are created?
Our house is open for artists from over the world. We find new forms of cross-art or you learn in an individual workshop, how the breathing pictures are created.
In Kienberg, Switzerland, you find an inspiring environment and Swiss hospitality.  And there are many interesting galleries and museums in the area (Basel and Zürich).

It’s all about spreading the idea of conscious breathing among young digital artists, about joy, curiosity, fun and philosophy!

Just get in contact if you are interested in a presentation or some inspiring days in Switzerland!